VigRX Plus – Your Assistant to Combat Erectile Dysfunctions

The preparation VigRX Plus is already quite famous in the markets of products initiated to combat problems with erection. It is popular throughout the globe thanks to its great potential and universal opportunity to not only improve and secure erection, but also due to its ability to increase the size of the penis.

Main Advantages

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  • Increases the size of the organ;
  • Prolongs erection;
  • Betters the quality of the erection;
  • Enhances stamina during sexual activity, and consequently increases the desire;
  • Solves the possibility of the occurrence of premature ejaculation;
  • Brings to a normal state night urination;
  • Improves sexual intercourse.

Unique Composition

VigRX Plus is a very special preparation. Its success can be explained with its universal composition. It is quite natural. Here we will name the most powerful constituents of the preparation, describing their main functions.

  1. Bioperine is a safe constituent, which enhances the absorption of the substances with which it comes into action.
  2. Damian is a product that causes desire.
  3. Tribestan had been known of old for its great potential to improve and also cure erection.
  4. Extract of Epimedium, an ingredient that maintains potency and stamina. It is similar with Sildenafil, but has less adverse effects.
  5. Dodder seed extract – a Chinese pathogen that avoids premature ejaculation and enhances the quality of sperm.
  6. Gingko Biloba has a positive impact upon cerebrum activity and increases blood inflow.
  7. Red ginseng positively affects the enhancement of male potency and supports greater energy level in the organism.
  8. Fruits of Saw Palmetto relax muscles of the organ and secure better blood stream.
  9. Extract of Muira Puama maintains sexual activity and leads to the increase of the desire and potency.


The preparation should be used twice a day – in the morning and at night. Food is obligatory. You have to carefully watch about all size changes and changes in your health. We strongly recommend turning to a specialist at first. You should also know that first effects appear not faster than within a week. It is connected with the natural composition of the preparation. It does not act immediately as while using synthetic drugs.

Do not forget that self-treatment may induce harmful effects to your organism! Consult your physician prior its usage.