Viagra in Dubai – the Most Popular Preparation with Men in UAE

Viagra order online UAE Viagra is a well-known preparation to beat problems with erectile dysfunctions. It is interesting to note that it has been invented by a chance. In the early 1990-ies, there a group of scientists and physicians was trying to invent a preparation to help examinees with heart illnesses cope with them. The main constituent was Sildenafil and it was supposed to be a salvation for such people, but it had almost no desirable effect. But there is not bad without good. In the course of tests it has been determined that it has great impact upon erectile functions in men. Since that time scientists decided to work out a new product. In the year 1998, there it was completed and enjoyed a tremendous success. Its new name was Viagra.

Viagra was the first preparation targeted to overcome troubles with erection and took the leading place in all markets of the world. It often happens that the trailbreakers lose their position within some time, but it cannot be said about this product. It still has leading positions on many markets around the globe, and it is number one preparation against erection difficulties in Dubai. It is available in all pharmacies of the city and goes in no comparison with other preparations of the same action.

It is also vital to know some identifications of the preparation.


As many other powerful preparations, this one also has some contraindications. Prior starting to use it must consult a specialist. Perhaps you will have to undergo some medical tests and examinations. Only a specialist can prescribe you the preparation and state the proper dosing.

Do not intake it in the occasions if you:

  • have sensitivity to preparation’s main constituent or other ingredients;
  • take preparations that have nitrates;
  • use preparation of the same action;
  • have not reached the age of 18;

The preparation is also contradicted for women.

Adverse Effects

online pharmacy dubai Of course it may induce some adverse effects. Oftentimes all these effects are not severe and pass within a few hours. Mostly they occur when examinee uses inappropriate dosage. In such cases unwanted effects occur more often and have serious consequences, harmful for health.

The common adverse effects are – headache, facial flushing, and upset stomach. Less common are breach of color vision (inability to distinguish between blue and green objects or objects with the vision of all shades of blue); change in the sensitivity of eyes to light; blurred vision; heart palpitations; nasal congestion.

You can buy Viagra in any local pharmacy of Dubai or order it at online drugstore.